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Tiny Tots Tastebuds

Tiny Tots Tastebuds

“Tiny Tots Tastebuds is a food preparation and delivery service supplying nutritious home cooked meals for your tot just like you’d make in your own kitchen (if there were more hours in the day).”

I have always been worried about food when it comes to the kids. Am I getting it right? Is this enough of that but not too much of those?

I needed a suppertime superhero to fix meals for me. In came Tiny Tots Tastebuds with a golden ticket, a weeks-worth of meals from their homecooked organic food range. I can’t say my worries all immediately vanished. Simply because my kids just do. Not. Eat. They are beyond fussy and meal times have been a struggle since weaning began. Meal times have never been enjoyable for me with mine. The hours I spend, and the money it costs trying to feed those darlings, is money and time wasted.

This relentless circle of plate to bin had to end.

When the food parcel from Tiny Tots Tastebuds arrived, everything was well packaged and looked appealing. A cute little starter pack letter explained the company ethos. They select the meals for you rather than letting you choose. I was not sold on that idea but thought I would have my girls try the food before I decided if it was a big enough issue for it to matter. I think this issue was more mine, however, as I’ve gotten so used to buying the same few ingredients for the same couple of meals that I know for sure they will eat, I was worried the selection sent would also hit the bin.

The meals sent were Cottage Pie, Vegan Curry, Fish Pie with Green Beans, Minestrone Soup, Corn Chowder and Sausage Casserole. The quality of ingredients impressed me (cumin, thyme, cinnamon, garlic, aubergine, courgettes, couscous – just to name only a few!); however, this broad selection of flavours and textures was also daunting as a mum of fussy eaters, and I remained nervous that my children wouldn’t be as impressed as me.

Day 1 – Cottage Pie (Ate it all)

Day 2 – Vegan Curry (Ate most)

Day 3 – Fish Pie with Green Beans (Ate most, left some beans)

Day 4 – Sausage Casserole (Ate it all)

Day 5 – Minestrone Soup (Ate it all, absolute success, never eaten soup before!)

Day 6 – Corn Chowder (Ate it all)

The eclectic selection was eaten over the week that followed.

Yes. I mean EATEN. Actually chewed, swallowed, eaten!

Here are my reviews of the important bits;

Portion size; though packaging looks relatively small, once defrosted and plated up, it is more than ample for my three-year-old. She finished the portions, so perhaps there is scope for something a little larger for slightly older children, but she certainly wasn’t hungry afterwards and she ate each meal- mum win! The plus side of having portion control is that there was less waste, and not too much to put-off those shy-bellied children who get overwhelmed by excessive portions.

Preparation; Frozen means no waste. Simply defrost the meal for the following day the night before. As a typically busy parent, anything I can call time-saving and that doesn’t cut corners gets all my points!

The diversity of the meals on offer; simple and obvious as these meals are, they’re just not what we typically go for when making our shopping lists. Hands up if you have ever made any kind of chowder? Exactly!

Price; prices start at £42 for one meal per day for two weeks for first tastes, and new weaners. And at £63 a fortnight for ages 1-4. Honestly, it’s cheaper to make your own. However, making your own is much more time-consuming. You have got to weigh up time and money and decide which one is more important to you- this one is subjective, all I can say is that I felt the quality and portion sizes would be worth that money.

Things you might not think to try; flavours from added spices and garlic making the dishes super tasty

I have gotten so used to giving them food that I think they will eat, when actually, they will try and enjoy all sorts of dishes given the chance; which is why this package is inspiring.

After a week of using Tiny Tots Tastebuds, I would happily order from them again, as well as recommend them to my friends. The whole experience has been stress-free, so while they have put a price on these meals, I can’t put a price on how good it feels to relax and know dinner time is taken care of. Not only that but each meal has been cooked from fresh, with extremely nutritious, meticulously sourced ingredients, meaning my child was hitting her 5 a day target, with ease. Mum guilt gone. Happier and healthier child, and a happier dinner time experience all round.


I have been paid to review this product. This has not influenced my opinion and this review is an honest and open account of my experience using the product.