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Welcome to the first post of my sway blog
You can read more about me and who I am, here!

Today I boxed up all my supplements, neatly into their compartments, ready to ready my body! We have decided we want to start trying in November, so starting supplementing now gives me two months to get my cycles to just the right length, and my hormones balanced, to be perfectly pink.

gender swaying, ttc, trying for a baby boy or girl

When I begin TTC, I will add in pseudoephedrine during my fertile week, but this isn’t ideal to take for the long term. 

So what is in my box?

Mornings; Magnesium and Cranberry extract

Lunchtime; Vitamin B6, and a hair and nails supplement

vitamin b6 for healthy cycle length periods ttc menses

Evening; Calcium x 2, and digestive enzymes.

-Neither the enzymes nor the hair and nails supplement is related to my sway-

I bought Licorice root, to give it a go. When I swayed for my last daughter, I didn’t bother with it, this time curiosity got the better of me. I haven’t included it in my daily pots- only because it makes me a feel a bit weird. I will take it when we start TTC, but before then, I just don’t think I will bother. 

swaying for a girl supplements licorice root

This is the same drug set up as last time I successfully swayed, so I am hopeful that it will work this time around, too! B6 is the most important of all my supplements, as I suffer from a luteal phase defect, B6 increases the progesterone to help increase my LP, and progesterone is a super hormone for girl sway, more so, even, than oestrogen. 

I like the magnesium and calcium supplements, they make me feel good. I don’t have a great diet, having three young children already, along with work and studying, thinking about a good meal just doesn’t happen. Being able to hit my daily targets for both magnesium and calcium does make me feel better. Placebo? Maybe, but girl-sway gold!

swaying supplements magnesium calcium for a girl

Go right ahead and use my supplements for your sway, too, or have a look at the various supplements and choose the ones right for you, based on your lifestyle. Sprinkling that pink babydust for you all!