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Busy Bee Life Insurance

When I was thirteen, I, like all thirteen-year-olds thought that I would live forever. At twenty-five, I was aware of unexpected death, but I still didn’t respect my own mortality. It wasn’t until I was in my thirties when a close friend died suddenly, tragic, truly, that I realise you just never really know what is coming. What made it worse was that she was a mum. She left her two daughters behind, not only without the most important person in the world but without financial security for her family. Like I stood in front of a time bomb, it was then it hit me; my kids, my husband, how would they survive without me?

I realised then that I was taking control of everything in my life (from making pack lunches, and ironing school clothes, to going to university, running my own business, growing and guiding my children) like a pro, but I had completely lost sight of what would happen after my death.

I decided to check out some life insurance companies. I didn’t really know where to start, I didn’t understand the jargon and I had no idea what was best for me and my family. That is when I found Busy Bee. Their life insurance brokerage service was perfect for a novice like me. I submitted the online enquiry form, which took just a couple of minutes, perfect when you’re a busy bee! They called me back within a day to talk through the various policies that would suit my needs.

I spoke to two members of the team, the first didn’t specialise in young families, so rather than trying to knock together an insurance option from tick boxes on a screen, he handed me over to a senior team member who specialised in handling customers like me. She was helpful, easy to understand, polite and friendly. She found me a reasonable quote that I would be happy to take.

The phone call took around an hour, and that was without me asking for a quotation for policy add-ons. My daughter had pretty much lost her mind in that time, so I took the opportunity to have the information emailed to me. That worked perfectly as I could digest it after three rounds of The Wheels on The Bus, and not miss important information. The process was easy, and while it would have been good if I could have been given and an indication of how long the call would be (as when I said I was free, I was expecting ten or fifteen minutes), it was good to be thorough. When you think about a plan that protects your family- what is an hour really?

Would I change anything? Yes. I think an awful lot of the information could have been collected online- there were a lot of questions asking for very specific answers, many you would need your partner for. So the chance to answer these online would make for a shorter phone call and greater accuracy, rather than on the spot guesswork.

Would I recommend the service? Yes, absolutely! Of two things you’re certain: paying taxes and passing away. You can’t control the former, but you can absolutely plan for the latter! If you’re like me, and life insurance has just bypassed you, then this brokerage service makes the process a breeze

… Just pop the kettle on when you see them calling!

You can start your quote here; busybeelifeinsurance.co.uk 

This post reflects my own, honest feelings. I have not been instructed to include any information by the named company.