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Review of ‘Your Baby Scan’, Crewe

My Scan Experience

Located above an immaculate pram shop in Crewe town Centre, Your Baby Scan Ultrasound Clinic is an open, bright and welcoming place to go and “meet” your baby.

The scan clinic only recently opened, meaning everything is pristine and new. The staff are so friendly and helpful, immediately acknowledging us, which makes such a difference. On arrival we were offered a drink and asked to fill out a form of medical history and details. In the waiting room there is a selection of memorabilia that you can purchase as gifts for older siblings, or for a grandparent who wasn’t at the scan. Cute pink and blue heartbeat teddy bears and lovely picture frames saying, “it’s a boy” or “it’s a girl”. There was no long wait to be seen, so the pre-scan full bladder, wasn’t an issue.  

When you enter the scanning room, there is some seating ahead of you, and a bed for mum-to-be. At the foot of the bed is a large projector screen, fantastic to really get a good view of baby, without trying to share a smaller screen with the sonographer. This was a welcomed new experience for me, I have never experienced such a large and clear screen. This made the whole thing even more exciting. The sonographer was very professional, and evidently knowledgeable, whilst being good fun and joining in with our friendly chit-chat. She was extremely thorough and managed to take some very clear pictures of my baby. After confirming the gestation (13+6), she identified the gender of my baby through the Nub Theory, and this assessment was proven correct the same day, via NIPT blood results (it’s a girl!).

This had been reason for my visit, to see my baby’s developing ‘nub’. Affectionately called a nub, this is a baby’s developing genitalia, visible as a genital tubercle. Gender can be determined via assessing the nub from as early as 12.0* weeks, making this scan extremely exciting as the average gestation to find out gender is 16-24 weeks. The sonographer was able to determine my baby’s gender from a profile shot.  There are many different scan packages available to choose from, however, and there is certainly going to be one to suit you, so you get what you want from this special day.

After the scan I was given:

*two large printed scan images (much larger than NHS prints)

*DVD of the scan itself for only £10 (optional)

*Log in access to all the images taken by the sonographer (FREE!)

*Two pregnancy packs full of goodies (FREE!) Overall, a superb experience that I would fully recommend to any expectant parents. Even though this is my 3rd baby, I have never had a private ‘Nub Theory’ scan before! The moment was special, memorable and very enjoyable. I chose the nub theory scan as babybooclub.com was built around our nub specialists, The Nubologists, but there is a package suitable for everyone. The most popular package is the 4D Bonding Scan (available from 24-34 weeks