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Review of ‘Hello Baby’, St Helens.

Located on a main high street in St Helens, Mersyside, Hello Baby Ultrasound Clinic is an extremely bright and pleasant place to go and “meet” your baby.

The scan clinic is decorated throughout with pink and blue, ‘girl’ and ‘boy’ themes and memorabilia. This gives the clinic a fun and exciting boutique feel. The staff were extremely warm and welcoming, immediately acknowledging us, which makes such a difference. On arrival we were asked to fill out a form of medical history and details. In the waiting room there is a selection of memorabilia that you can purchase as gifts for family members who weren’t at the scan, or simply as a nice keepsake for yourself. Cute pink and blue heartbeat teddy bears and lovely picture frames saying, “it’s a boy” or “it’s a girl” plus rails of beautiful Spanish inspired pink, blue and cream clothing were available to browse.

When you enter the scanning room, there is some seating to the right of you, and a bed for mum-to-be. At the foot of the bed is a screen, with the bed close enough to the screen on the wall to really get a good look at the scan in process without trying to share a smaller screen with the sonographer. The sonographer was very professional, and evidently knowledgeable, whilst being good fun and joining in with our friendly chit-chat. She was extremely thorough and managed to take some very clear 4D pictures of my baby. She also provided a DVD of the scan, where I got to see my baby yawning whilst in utero, a truly priceless moment! She also confirmed that baby was a girl and showed me in between her legs, also known as the “potty shot”. Nice to see if you want further reassurance of you baby’s gender.

The reason for my visit, was to see my baby via 4d. I had seen Hello Baby Scan Boutique advertised online and read its many great reviews, so felt more drawn to this clinic than any others I had seen advertised. My baby was hiding her face during the scan, so the sonographer asked me to leave the scan room on a couple of occasions in the bid to re position her. I was asked to choose a Lucozade from the reception area and asked to bounce on a yoga ball in a more discrete area of the clinic. On the second attempt to re position my baby I went for a short stroll around the block. Each time I left, I was seen immediately on my return, so there was no waiting around or becoming frustrated. All in, I was at the clinic for 30 minutes. 

Today I chose the 4D scan, however, there are many different scan packages available to choose from and there is certainly going to be one to suit you and your needs. One of the most impressive packages I noticed from Hello Baby was the early gender scan from 14 weeks. I believe this is one of the only places in the UK to offer such an early gestation gender scan. Again their reviews speak for themselves, also hit home by the queues out of the door and the many happy faces from the expectant parents!

After the scan I was given:

*Four large printed scan images (much larger than NHS prints)

*DVD of the scan itself (optional)

*Cute paper Hello Baby gift bag full of the scan images and the DVD Overall, a superb experience that I would fully recommend for any expectant parents. The moment was special, memorable and very enjoyable.