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Altering Your pH For A Girl

gender swaying for a girlThe BabyBoo Club Method highly recommends altering your pH alongside tracking ovulation and frequency of intercourse. We believe this is the best way to sway for your desired sex.

Studies have proven that frequency of sex plays a crucial role in gender determination. More frequent intercourse sways boy and less frequent sways girl. This is because when semen from previous intercourse is present, the resulting environment is alkaline which favours Y sperm. The previous batch of semen alters the vaginal fluids. With this in mind, we now know how important pH balance is when swaying. If you can alter your cervical mucus pH, then you can help aid X or Y sperm to fertilise your egg first.

Lime Douche

Using lime juice from a fresh lime, or from a bottle (normally found in the home baking section of your supermarket), you can mix up an acidic douche. Mix together 2.5ml of lime juice and 2.5ml of water in a plastic or silicone syringe, insert as close to the cervix as possible and gently squeeze the mixture into your vagina. We recommend lying on a towel and suggest you stay lying down for around ten minutes after douching.

Because the vagina is normally acidic, there should be no discomfort whatsoever. The mixture should be around pH 2.5 – 3 and should bring the pH of your vagina to around 3.5 – 4.5 depending on your starting pH. The vagina is naturally a pH of 3.8 – 4.5, so you’re keeping it well within natural parameters.

IF YOU DO EXPERIENCE ANY DISCOMFORT; Immediately ‘flush’ your vagina by standing up and catching excess fluid, then use several douches of water until any discomfort subsides. Do not repeat. If any discomfort lasts after the water douche, seek medical advice.

Note: douching with lime, straight after shaving or waxing can be uncomfortable, however, as long as that discomfort is only on your labia or perineum you’re not doing any damage. 

If you have sex on more than one occasion during your cycle, you must douche to keep your pH levels acidic, as the old sperm in the vaginal tract will counteract your sway. If you’re not using a douche to combat pH; It is only recommended that you have sex once in the cycle 2 – 3 days before you ovulate. If you’re douching, and can keep your pH low, you can conceive a girl at any time during your fertile window. However; to keep things in your favour we recommend only having sex once 2-3 days before your predicted ovulation, with an acidic douche, alongside diet and supplements.

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Lime juice for gender swaying girl