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Frequency of Intercourse

gender swaying boy girlTiming is not the only crucial method in swaying, the frequency is, too. Studies have shown that having sex on two consecutive days, with the first being on ovulation day and the second 24 hours later, in order to conceive a boy dramatically increases the chances of male conception. Whereas couples having sex only once on ovulation day resulted in an equal amount of males and females being conceived.

Multiple acts of intercourse around the time of ovulation favours boys due to the alkalinity in the vagina, due to the presence of sperm, which is high in alkaline. If you are trying for a girl, this can be combatted with adjusting your pH (as above).

Intercourse before ovulation favours girls due to the speed of capacitation of Y sperm. Less frequent acts of sexual intercourse mean the vaginal tract is less alkaline, which also sways girl.

What our experts say;

There is no denying the science behind frequency and timing. We believe these methods together are crucial in sex selection. It is very important to track your cycles so that you can sway successfully- make sure you do not miss ovulation day! We also believe giving your body an extra boost to alter your pH will up your chances of successfully swaying. Click HERE to read more.