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Gender Swaying

gender swaying boy girlDo you want a bouncing baby boy? Or you already have a house full of boys, and are dying to even up the balance and insert some gorgeous girly stuff into your family? Is it your last attempt at having the gender that you desire and you would love to try anything possible to increase your chances?

Trying to conceive a specific gender is referred to as swaying. During your journey through pregnancy and motherhood, you will have come across many an old wives tales and are wondering what is true and what is not. You are probably up for trying anything, just in case it is possible.

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Here at The BabyBoo Club, we have done the research for you. We have filtered the fact from the fiction and come up with the best methods possible to help you up the odds to conceive the baby you desire, with help from our gender swaying experts.

There are many factors involved in swaying so please take your time and only do the methods you feel are most suitable and appealing to you.

Good luck on your swaying journey!

Where to begin?

We recommend you read our Trying To Conceive information before attempting to sway gender.

Our guide covers the most popular methods you may have seen across the internet that hopeful parents use to try to get a baby of their preferred gender and what our experts think about the science behind the matter

Click the links below to find out if you really can gender sway!

We recommend getting an understanding of the following, whatever gender you desire;

Changing your pH Balance
Positive and Negative Ions
Hormonal Balance
Timing Intercourse around Ovulation
Frequency of Intercourse

Already understand the basics? Then you’re ready to sway!

Don’t forget, you can contact us at info@babybooclub.com

Here at Babyboo Club we pride ourselves on only bringing you scientifically backed information, however; we will take this opportunity to state we are not doctors, and while the information given with regards to gender swaying is based on a solid foundation of evidence that is both credible and reliable, we cannot guarantee the conception of your desired gender.