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Girl Sway Supplements for Him

gender swaying boy girlYou do not need to take all of these supplements, take a look at your diet and see where you need a boost.

Liquorice root, 450mg 3 times per day; This supplement lowers testosterone which sways girl. Buy it here

help me sway for a girlCalcium citrate, 1200 mg from the beginning of mums period until her ovulation day; lowers dad-to-be’s pH balance and helps favour X sperm friendly environment. Buy it here

calcium for a girl swayMagnesium 300mg; from the beginning of mum-to-be’s period, until ovulation (female sperm love semen rich in magnesium). Buy it here

magnesium for conceiving girlsCranberry, 1500mg; from the beginning of mum’s period until ovulation day. This Lowers sperm pH. Buy it here

how to gender sway for a girl