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Girl Sway Supplements for Her

gender swaying boy girlYou do not need to buy all of these supplements. Have a read and pick a few that you think would suit you and your partner best.

Cranberry 1500mg; to be taken from the beginning of your period until ovulation day. (CAUTION: cranberry is a blood thinner so if on any other blood thinners such as aspirin or any others do not take this in combination with that). Aim to eat as much fresh cranberry fruit as possible in this time frame as well as supplementation. Buy it here

how to gender sway for a girlFolic acid 400-450 mg; This is very important and must be taken. Take the folic acid all cycle until you fall pregnant, then switch to a prenatal vitamin. Buy it here

folic acid for pregnancySaw Palmetto 320mg; From the beginning of your period until ovulation day. This supplement lowers testosterone, lowers estrogen, and stabilises progesterone. Buy it here

Magnesium 300mg;, This favours female sperm. Buy it here

magnesium to sway for a girlSudafed (pseudoephedrine only) the week of ovulation; The sudofed dries up cervical mucus and makes the vagina more acidic. Follow required dosage as stated on the box, but on the day of trying to conceive, try to take 1-2 hours prior to sexual activity. Sudofed should not be taken after ovulation. Buy over the counter at your local chemist

Vitamin B-6; Lengthens your luteal phase and raises progesterone. Stop taking once you get your positive pregnancy test! Buy it here

how do you sway for a girlVitamin C, 500mg; Once a day. This increases acidity. Buy it here

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