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Hormonal Balance

gender swaying boy girlThe levels of hormones in a woman’s body during the time of conception is said to play a part in gender selection.

High levels of progesterone and low levels of testosterone apparently help to sway for girls, while high levels of oestrogen and testosterone have been associated with helping to conceive boys. Diets and supplementation can help aid the production of specific hormones and plays an integral role in gender swaying. Eating red meat, for example, is said to boost testosterone, therefore sways boy, and taking vitamin B6 and eating fish sway girl due to the high levels of progesterone.

What our experts say

Recent studies undertaken in the UK found that when women were stressed they were more likely to conceive a girl. How this happens wasn’t made clear, but it definitely sparks an interesting question.

This is why supplementation is involved in our gender swaying plan, to read more click HERE and choose your desired gender.