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Improving Chances of Conception

trying for a babyHow can I improve my chances of conception?

Your chances of conception reduce as you get older. If you’re in your twenties, your chances of getting pregnant are around 20-25% each month. 
In your thirties and that reduces to around 15% each month.
After the age of 35, your chances are about 10% per month.

There are some simple ways to improve those chances

Knowing your cycle – knowledge is power! Be sure of when you ovulate, and when possible make sure you have intercourse as close to ovulation as possible to increase the likelihood of sperm and egg meeting.
Keeping a diary of your journey – it may seem a little high-school, but actually, a diary of how you felt throughout the month can be an indicator of why you didn’t conceive that month, as well as being an indicator of possible pregnancy. Knowing you were super stressed around ovulation may be a reminder to take it easy next month.
Add every detail to your diary – from sexual positions to the stretchiness of your cervical mucus, it is important to track the things your body does as it gears up for its fertile window, and how you feel when ovulating (headaches? Cramps? Bloating?). Keep the diary going through the two week wait, too. It will help you spot symptoms that are out of the norm for you, which could perhaps indicate pregnancy.
Use an App – there are many apps dedicated to tracking cycles, most are free for what you’ll need, and you can keep them private. Some are preloaded with symptom checkers meaning you simply select the symptom you are feeling from a list.
Be healthy – both body and mind need to be ready for pregnancy, get plenty of fresh air, take exercise where possible, prenatal vitamins will help balance the vitamins essential for your health and for sustaining a pregnancy.

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Relax, and have sex – seems simple enough, yet so many couples seem to forget about this one major factor! Sure, it only takes one sperm, but you increase those odds the more sperm there are! Make sure sex happens naturally and is enjoyable- it shouldn’t be planned, your relationship must survive the process of TTC, and removing the romance and spontaneity can test even the most dedicated of couples. 

So there it is, everything you need to know about getting started when trying to conceive.

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