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Ovulation Predictor Kits

trying for a babyWe recommend tracking ovulation by two methods, as it leaves very little room for error. However, testing your Leutinizing Hormone levels via the OPK strips is the most important way and integral to conception and gender sway. You will need to chart these results for at least three months before trying to conceive.

LH surge level is the most accurate way to track ovulation. This is because it is this hormone (plus Follicular Stimulating Hormone) that must be present in order to release your egg. Studies have proven that a peak in LH urinary levels occurs during the 24 hours before ovulation 100% of the time, hence OPK strips being the most important purchase while you are trying to conceive, and also if swaying the gender.

You will need around 10-20 OPK strips per cycle and will need to test at least twice a day during ovulation. We recommend testing both morning (after 10am) and around 10 hours later when your LH urinary levels have had time to replenish.

On the first cycle that you start tracking, you should take note of the date of the first day of your period. This is your cycle day 1. After you stop bleeding you should start testing with the OPK strips. The results of your OPKs after you stop bleeding will be negative. Eventually, the result strip will get darker as you get further into your cycle, this usually occurs 10-20 days after your cycle day 1.

A medium result line is still a negative result. Your positive OPK strip should be a line as dark as the test line or darker. Keep testing until you get your darkest strip, this will be your positive and you will ovulate 24 – 48 hours later.

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