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Positive and Negative Ions

gender swaying boy girlPositive and negative ions are found in the air. Negative ions are said to sway girl and are produced in natural environments, whereas positive ions are found in artificial surroundings with less oxygen. The theory is X-bearing and Y-bearing sperm have differing ions and depending on surroundings and even the state of the moon, it is believed that you are more likely to attract either X or Y sperm.

Positive ions (to sway boy) would include things like; computers, smoke, artificial energy and lighting, the full moon, salt, potassium, using the TV or microwave and exposure to pollution.

Negative ions (to sway girl) would include things like; exposure to fresh air and water, fire (not smoke), new moon, calcium, magnesium, plants.

Changing your surroundings and habits to positively or negatively charge your ions is said to help aid your sway as charging your environment positively or negatively will help pull along the X or Y sperm at a faster rate.

What our experts say

The theory is plausible, but there isn’t enough research to back this one up.  Ions are part of the body but trying to attribute effects to one ion over another is difficult, because the concentrations change from minute to minute.

It won’t hurt your chances to add this one into your sway, but we wouldn’t count on ions alone.