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Pregnancy Testing

trying for a babyWhen can I test?

Yep, the two-week wait seems like the longest time ever, we know, we have been there!

However, with home pregnancy test sensitivity constantly improving, the two-week wait is more like a 10 day wait. Around 10 days past ovulation, you can begin testing for pregnancy (some women test earlier, and pregnancies can be detected as early at 8 days past ovulation, though this is uncommon, so don’t allow a negative test at this point to get you down!).

Once the embryo has begun implanting in your uterine lining, Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (hCG) production begins. hCG is otherwise known as the pregnancy hormone. hCG is the hormone detected by home pregnancy tests. This, alongside oestrogen and progesterone are the hormones secreted by the developing placenta (though to begin with, these hormones are secreted by the corpus luteum- the hCG interacts with the LHCG and together they stabilise and maintain the Corpus Luteum if pregnancy begins). The greatest purpose of these hormones is to stop the body from ovulating whilst you’re pregnant, but they also regulate growth and development of the placenta and, therefore, baby.

Home pregnancy tests are normally able to pick up hCG levels of between 15-50 mIU/ML. The digital brands, like Clear Blue, are normally 50 mIU/ML and the multipack dipsticks, First Response, Superdrug/Tesco/ASDA own brand are normally closer to 15 mIU/ML.

Here are the average hormone levels, according to Wikipedia;

Our Pregnancy Testing Advice

Like it or not- pregnancy testing is expensive! Digital tests can set you back £10-£15 each, First Response is around £10 for two… and let’s not pretend you’re only going to test once each cycle!

We highly recommend buying bulk packs of ‘dipsticks’ from online retailers. These are normally branded ‘One-Step’ and cost around £5 for 20 so you can test to your heart’s content! If you worry about their accuracy or legitimacy- you can always double check a positive result with a more expensive brand.

The same brand sell Ovulation Prediction Strips, around £7 for 50, they are both reliable and accurate, tried and tested- and mostly, super cheap!

You can buy these pregnancy tests using this link – One Step Pregnancy Tests

You can buy these ovulation tests using this link – One Step Ovulation Tests

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