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Swaying For a Boy

gender swaying boy girlThe Babyboo Club Swaying Handbook presents;

I want a baby boy!

Before you attempt to follow the Babyboo Club Gender Swaying method, we suggest reading THIS handy guide, with an introduction to trying to conceive and the science behind conception!

Swaying For a Boy

If you’re keen to add a little boy to your growing family, or simply want to see if the theory actually works, follow our boy sway plan- but before we get started you will need to purchase the following;

Basal Body Thermometer
Ovulation Predictor Kits
Lime juice
Litmus paper
Various supplements

Start your swaying journey HERE

Other pages to help you sway for a boy;
Supplements for her
Supplements for him
Altering your pH 

Diet suggestions
Boy sway summary

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