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Altering Your pH for a Boy

gender swaying boy girlThe Baby Boo Club Method

The BabyBooClub Method highly recommends altering your pH alongside tracking ovulation and frequency of intercourse. We believe this is the best way to sway for your desired sex.

Studies have proven that frequency of sex plays a crucial role in gender determination. More frequent intercourse sways boy and less frequent sways girl. This is because when semen from previous intercourse is present, the resulting environment is alkaline which favours Y sperm. The previous batch of semen alters the vaginal fluids. With this in mind, we now know how important pH balance is when swaying. If you can alter your cervical mucus pH, then you can help aid Y sperm to fertilise your egg first.

Studies have shown that having sex on two consecutive days, with the first being on ovulation day and the second 24 hours later, in order to conceive a boy dramatically increases the chances of male conception.

We highly recommend tracking your cycles to predict ovulation for three months prior to conception. If you are breastfeeding you may want to track for up to 6 months prior to trying to conceive due to irregular hormone balance from feeding. If you are on contraception you will need to stop taking this now so your hormones can regulate again.

You should be able to pinpoint your predicted time of ovulation after tracking your cycles for this amount of time. Predicted ovulation will occur 24 – 48 hours after the darkest OPK strip result. You should then have sex 24 hours after the darkest OPK test strip and then again another 24 hours later after that. This method ALONGSIDE DIET AND SUPPLEMENTS will boost your chances of conceiving a boy dramatically.

What should my pH reading be when trying to conceive a boy?

The normal pH balance range for cervical mucus is a reading of 7 or above, which is alkaline. Optimum pH balance for swaying boy is 7.5 –9, which is a very high alkaline reading. Please keep in mind that raising your pH with douches may cause infection. Test your pH balance around ovulation day, before and after sexual intercourse.

You should keep a log of all your readings from the beginning of your cycle until the end on the chart sent to you when you purchased this plan. Click HERE to read more about charting.

Boy Sway Douche

Here are a couple of methods that you can try to raise your pH levels and help assist those Y swimmers;

Baking soda douche;
Dilute 1 tablespoon of baking soda in half a litre of water. Make sure the solution is at room temperature to avoid killing the sperm. Take 5ml from the solution with a medicinal syringe barrel and douche one hour before sexual intercourse.

Baking soda finger;
Wet the tip of your finger and put it into the baking soda. Insert slowly into the vagina. Make sure not to touch the cervix. Grab your baking soda here

baking soda for gender swayingBoy sway lubricants

The best-known boy friendly/alkaline lubricant is Pre-seed. Pre-seed is a lubricant that mimics normal vaginal secretions, or cervical mucus. Its purpose is to allow the sperm to move more freely through the vagina and into the cervix and to make intercourse more comfortable. A side effect of Pre-seed is that it is an alkaline mix, much like natural cervical mucus. You can buy Pre-Seed lubricant herepre seed helps to gender sway for a boy

Why not try Pre-seed lubricant and baking soda?
Add a pinch of baking soda to the Pre-seed lubricant. This will further raise the pH of the lubricant to around 8, test the pH using your litmus paper.

Alternatively, you can use egg-whites as lubrication. This au-natural method sways better than pre-seed and is obviously cheaper. Leave the egg whites out for an hour to get them to room temperature. Make sure you check the pH of the egg whites. If it’s above 10 you’ll have to lower the pH with pre-seed. Egg whites are actually the closest to our own natural egg white cervical mucus.

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