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Boy Sway Summary

gender swaying boy girlOverview

  • You will need to start diet adaptations and supplements three months prior to conception.
  • You will need to monitor your pH balance during ovulation with litmus paper then, if you feel comfortable and if necessary, douche to give an extra boost to your sway.
  • Use Pre-seed or egg whites as a lubricant.
  • You will need to track your menstrual cycles for three months, to determine when you ovulate, prior to trying to conceive.

Once you know when in your cycle you ovulate, you should aim to have sex on ovulation and again, 24 hours later.

Helpful Hints

  • Recommended exercise for boy swaying is weight lifting as it increases testosterone. Limit cardio due to it’s fat burning properties and positive ion boost.
  • Females who orgasm 3 or more times each week have a higher cervical mucus pH reading.
  • Men’s testosterone levels and sperm count are highest in the morning.
  • Sexual positions that are suggested to sway boy include rear-entry (more commonly known as doggy-style), the missionary position, with the woman’s knees bent back towards her shoulders, to allow for deep penetration, and woman on top but facing the man’s legs. The idea is to deposit the sperm as close to the cervix as possible
  • After sex, prop up your hips by using a pillow so your uterus is tilted for half an hour.
  • Weight gain sways boy due to negative ions from sodium content.

Most importantly, HAVE FUN- Good luck swaying for a boy!

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