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Boy Sway Supplements for Her

gender swaying boy girlYou do not need to buy all of these supplements. Have a read and pick a few that you think would suit you and your partner best.

Evening Primrose Oil (EPO) 1000mg total per day; Start taking on last day of your period until ovulation. CAUTION: In some women this can delay ovulation or mess up cycles, so please keep this in mind when tracking. Buy it here

Vitamin E; In some women, it can strengthen the lining of the egg and make more egg white cervical mucus, which highly favours boy sperm. Buy it here

gender swaying supplementsFish Oil; Helps make egg white cervical mucus and your pH balance more alkaline. Buy it here

Folic Acid 2000+mcg; (VERY IMPORTANT) folic acid strengthens the egg and can help prevent miscarriage. Stay on this dosage until you hit the second trimester, then slowly reduce dosage before swapping to a prenatal vitamin. Buy it here

gender swaying folic acid to sway for boy girlFlaxseed Oil; increases cervical mucus, which is a higher pH, and helps sway for boys. Buy it here

flaxseed oil for swaying gender

Tribulus Terrestris; This supplement may raise testosterone and estrogen. It has to be the Bulgarian 45% saponins. Follow label instructions.

L-Arginine 500mg; it raises testosterone and makes you produce more egg white cervical mucus. Buy it here

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