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Boy Sway Supplements for Him

gender swaying boy girlYou do not need to buy all of these supplements. Have a read and pick a few that you think would suit you and your partner best.

Zinc 50 mg once per day; This raises the testosterone levels, essential for a strong boy sway. Buy it here

Ginseng 500mg; This also raises testosterone, as well as improving mood and reducing stress, is it also clinically proven to reduce the risk of cancer. Buy it here

gender swaying for a boyL-Arginine 500mg; This raises pH, keeping seminal fluid a strong alkaline. It also improves sperm count and is often suggested to men who are struggling to conceive due to a low count. Buy it here

Vitamin B-12: Repairs sperm count if dad drinks a lot of caffeine on a daily basis (daily caffeine isn’t recommended when trying to conceive a boy). Buy it here

Vitamin E: This raises sperm count. Buy it here

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