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All of our testimonials are genuine and posted by our customers, you can see all the reviews in their original location, on our facebook page! While you’re there, why not give us a like? 

“100% recommend – Was right with my 12+6 day scan photo with a 85% chance of being a boy. We found out today that we definitely have our little prince after 3 princesses. Thankyou so much xx”

“85% girl response on my sisters 12+6 scan… she’s all girl 💞”

“definitely recommend they predicted my twins to be 97% and 85% boys
they were born at the weekend and are indeed both boys 💙💙😍”


“Highly recommend, sent my scan photo in and within 2 hours they gave me a prediction that I was having a baby boy, and I found out Saturday that I am in fact having a boy 💙”

“100% recommended, guessed boy and indeed it is a boy, worth every penny💙💙””

“Sent my 13 week scan to the Nubologists predicated 90% girl …went for an emergency scan and got told baby was a boy, however due to the Nubologists being so shocked at this result we went for another gender scan at a different place who in fact confirmed it was indeed a GIRL..throughout this rollercoaster they have been nothing but supportive ! Thankyou Nubologists x”

“Got an 85% chance that I was having boys with my identical twin boys at 11+5. Found out this weekend that they are indeed twin boys! Thankyou so much was doubting it after having 3 girls but here we are!”

“Got a 90% gaurntee at 13+1 weeks I was having a boy! They were correct, I would definitely recommend 🙌🏻”

“I went to them to see if they be able to tell me gender I sent my scan picture and was told 90% girl and they was right as scan person told me girl and she was born 2.9.19 x”

“Thank you for my girl guess. You was right. 😍😍”

“Very fast service They predicted 92% and they got it correct I’m having a girl 💖 after 4 boys x

I had a early gender scan x”

“Predicted 85% boy after my 13 week scan. Confirmed at 16 & 20 weeks. 😍💙 Fast responce, great service! Thank you”


“The nubologists predicted that I’m having a baby girl at 96% and it has now been confirmed by my sonographer at my 20 week scan that they were correct!”

“The nubologists predicted a boy for me with 92%,they were spot on and hospital have confirmed i am having a son! well done guys and thanks again

“The nubologists predicted my baby was a girl from the 12 week scan. This was further confirmed at a 16 & 20 week scan and of course she was a she at birth!”

My predicted baby girl is definitely a girl as confirmed at my gender scan today 😍 Thankyou guys! 💗💗

“I would absolutely recommend…I sent my scan in at 12+2 to receive a prediction of a girl ..
I was convinced after 3 boys and 7 miscarriages that they had to be wrong…they gave 20% chance of change but they were absolutely
we are over the moon…
thank you xxx”

“I’ve got predicted 97% girl at my scan from 13w6d, and at my gender scan 19+0 the midwife confirmed she also saw girl! Very helpful nubologists also answering all my questions.”

“Brilliant service, quick to respond and highly accurate. Best nub experts around.”

“Would 100% recommend The Nubologists. Me and my boyfriend wanted a baby girl so badly and when we got a 90% chance of a baby girl we were so so happy yesterday when we had our scan and it was confirmed. Thank you so much 💖👸🏻”

“Highly recommended the nubologists, amazing service, quick response and so professional”

“I had a 99% prediction of girl, today it was confirmed she’s in fact a girl! Great service. Fast response & totally correct xxx”

“i would highly recommend the nubologists, they were right for me and many people i know, defo worth it. x”

“Great service- fast response and the most accurate nub experts I’ve seen! 🥰🥰”

I send my scan in and was predicted 85% girl and I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl last week 💗 thank you for you prediction 😊👏🏻

“Absolutely amazing.
I was in two minds about the whole “nub” predicting on 12+ week scans but I am so pleased I paid the money to get our scan analysed. 
I was told that my scan showed a 99% accuracy of being a baby boy and this was CONFIRMED at our gender scan yesterday, we are indeed having a son and there was definitely no denying it. 
If you’re considering using this service I’d 110% recommend.

Thank you again for your predictions!” – S.C

“Great service. I used them after having my son, and pregnant with number two and was impatient to find out the gender! Which they were correct in guessing my second baby was a baby girl! Would highly recommend them and use them again myself!” – E.C

“Sent off my scan had a boy prediction I am indeed having a boy :)” – C.M

“fantastic service, I chose to use nubologists after 3 boys I was hoping for a girl and was interested in their opinions from my scan. with 95% confidence, they said girl and was right. easy to email and easy payment and quick response back. highly recommended. xx” K.R-D

“I sent my scan off and was surprised to get 95% a girl, I still thought boy until my baby girl was born! Really impressed and worth £5 for written description, thanks so much and would recommend” – L.D

“The prediction was correct. Friendly service. I highly recommend!” – A.L

“**Highly recommended**

My nub theory guess was correct, I am indeed having a little boy, as predicted by you with 99% certainty.

I was really impressed with the detailed explanation and illustration I received. It was a really simple, easy to follow the process and the results were in within a few hours.

I will be using for future pregnancies and recommending them to all my friends.

Thank you again, 
Amy.” – A.W

“Sent my scan pic and got a result of 98% confidence for a baby girl and they were spot on. I got it confirmed at my 20-week scan yesterday. After two boys I’m finally getting my princess” – L.T

“good service prompt reply. friendly service highly recommend the accuracy is amazing x” – L.C

“Submitted my scan picture from 12+4 wks & was told 88% chance a girl. With 3 boys already I wasn’t convinced but had a private scan & yes they were right. Finally a princess on the way. Fast response time from the Nubologists. Highly recommended. Thank you so much. X” L.L.D

“Thanks for predicting my babies gender correctly. As a midwife, I had only recently learnt of the ‘nub theory’ so I was intrigued to test it out. I have to say I’m pretty impressed by the theory and service here. Bargain price. Fast response and accurate gender prediction based on a 13-week scan. Confirmed on a 16-week scan today. 
Will certainly be recommending to other mums who are desperate to have more of an early, accurate ‘inkling’!” – L.D

“Had our gender scan and you were correct! Such a great service as everything is explained and drawn out for you to see.” – K.E

“Thank you! With 99% confidence from Babyboo they were right. I was sceptical about it at first but they were bang on!!!” J.T 

“Fantastic! Had the nub examined and was given 89% chance of boy, today our gender scan confirmed all boy! Fantastic service and wonderful turnaround time, detailed analysis too! Totally worth it. Thank you so much!” – R.R

“Spot on and a quick response would really recommend!!” L.B

“Absolutely fabulous very fast to respond got it 100% Right for me and my sister.” – K.S

“was given 95% of having a boy on nub and found out today its definitely a boy. really quick responses would definitely recommend” L.J

“Sent my scan photos when I was 13w2d and they predicted I was having a girl and today I’m 16w3d and found out we are expecting a little girl” E.S

“after seeing loads of fab reviews I thought I’d give it a go & so glad I did I was given a 95% chance I was getting my little girl & guess what they were 100% right id deffo recommend!” – S.Y

“I couldn’t be more happy with all the help you gave me, thank you so much” – E.M

“I asked them to tell us the gender of our baby, they told us we were having a baby boy 90%! We went to our private scan yesterday and found out we are having a little boy. I would recommend these! they give you a detailed explanation and they send you a photo of your scan with the details of the gender etc.

Thank you for getting ours correct!!” – C.T

“I sent them by 14 week scan they told me girl and I had a private ultrasound yesterday at 19 weeks and yes they confirmed I’m indeed having a baby girl!” – M.M

“I sent my scan in at 13wks 5days and got a response of 90% sure I was having a little lady. I was so happy with this prediction as I already have 2 boys aged 7&8! so went on to have my early gender scan at 16wks 1day. we went and found out that these guys were indeed right, a little lady on the way!! so happy. highly recommended and well done guys. xx” – H-J.S

“5* from me. They told me I was having a boy using the nub theory. I found out today we are having a baby boy! Super happy. Thank you so much.” – C.F

“Had the trickiest nub ever! Everyone guessed boy but these guessed girl and was correct! Thanks so much!” – L.M

“Would 100% recommend really pleased I’m having my first baby girl with having a boy already” – C.T

“Spot on ♡ and I did it 3 times lol xx” – C-L.E

“I went for my gender scan today and they confirmed that your prediction was right and I’m having a girl!!” – D.M

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