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The Female Reproductive System

trying for a babyThe Female Reproductive System

By BruceBlausOwn work, CC BY 3.0, Link

For the purpose of reproduction, there are five main parts of the female reproductive system that you need to know and understand.

1. The Vagina

Everyone knows what a vagina is, right? Wrong. People often refer to the whole of the female genitalia as a vagina- when in fact it is only one, relatively, small component. It is the inner tube that connects the vaginal opening to the cervix, and it is where sperm is deposited during intercourse.

2. The Cervix

The cervix is the neck of the womb, the sphincter muscle that dilates during labour. Its other function is repositioning during ovulation and allowing sperm to pass through into the womb. 

3. The Womb

The baby house; your womb is a uniquely designed muscle that can expand to an astonishing 500 times its size during pregnancy and then retracts to its original size afterwards. The Womb is connected to the fallopian tubes,

4. Fallopian Tubes

Contrary to popular belief, the fallopian tubes are actually a pretty happening place. It is in here that sperm and egg meet and conception takes place. They also house the fertilised ovum during its passage to the womb, where it not only travels an immense distance, but where it develops from a zygote to trophoblast, ready for implantation.

5. The Ovaries

Did you know, that if you should have a daughter, she would be born preloaded with her entire egg supply, already in her ovaries? Unlike testicles and sperm, the ovaries don’t produce and replenish fresh eggs. A combination of hormones allows an egg to be ripened ready for ovulation and then passed through the follicle into the fallopian tubes.

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