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The Luteal Phase

trying for a babyThe Luteal Phase

So you’ve worked out when you ovulate and given it your best shot- welcome to the two-week wait! The two-week wait, a term coined by online baby forums to describe the fortnight between ovulation and the day your menses is due (when, conventionally, you would test for pregnancy!). It is long and it can be intense, draining and worrying, especially after a few months of trying for a baby. However, unfortunately, there is little you can do other than wait.

During the luteal phase, your body is eagerly trying to achieve pregnancy!

If you are pregnant: During the luteal phase, the cells becoming baby travel through your fallopian tube, this journey takes 5 days. Around day 5-7 after ovulation, the now blastocyst, can begin implantation in your womb. Implantation is the process of the blastocyst embedding itself into the rich uterine lining, the endometrium. The blastocyst then becomes the trophoblast, the early embryo- dividing into the tissue that makes the foetus and the placenta. Once this process is complete, the trophoblast becomes an embryo and your baby is well on its way to development.

If you are not pregnant: If this wasn’t your month, the unfertilised ovum will die within 12-24 hours, and shed with your uterine lining during your normal menses, the day that happens would begin the next cycle at day 1.

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