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The Nubologists

Who are we?

The Nubologists are a team of Nub Theory enthusiasts who first encountered the theory in 2011 and have been studying it since. Trained by Sonographers in the art of early foetal gender identification, The Nubologists have gone on to maintain an excellent track record, as well as educating others in The Nub Theory, through various successful social media platforms.

What do we do?

Using The Nub Theory, we can accurately predict the gender of your child by assessing the infantile version of their genitalia. We can also confirm the gender after your gender scan, by looking at the genitals in what is commonly known as the potty shot.

We won’t ask for payment if we aren’t confident in our prediction!

Simply email info@babybooclub.com and we will look at your scan. If we are confident in our prediction, we will ask for payment via PayPal or bank transfer and send you your result within 2* or 24 hours**. If we can’t be sure, we will simply send you a courtesy email to let you know.  For the best chance of a guess, submit ALL your images, the exact gestation and any other information that you think will be helpful.

WE WILL NEVER GUESS ON YOUR BABY’S SKULL! With no evidence to back up the so-called skull theory, we deem it morally unacceptable that other gender prediction companies will take your cash and send you nothing more than a coin-flip response.

*If you choose Fast Track service, available between the hours of 8am and 6pm GMT.

**In most cases, your result will take less than 24 hours. Please allow for delays across all public holidays and between the hours of 8pm and 8am GMT.

We are a UK based company.

How much does it cost?

Nub Package 

24 hour service £5.50

2 hour FAST TRACK service £7.99

You get;
A detailed and accurate drawing of the nub
An explanation of our drawing including the predicted gender
The percentage of confidence we are guessing with

Potty Package

24 hour service £5.50

2 hour FAST TRACK service £7.99

You get;
A detailed and accurate drawing of the potty shot
An explanation of our potty shot drawing including the predicted gender
The percentage of confidence we have in the potty shot

Here at Babyboo Club we pride ourselves on our Nub Theory knowledge and have read indisputable evidence about its reliability. However; we will take this opportunity to state we are not doctors, and while the theory is credible and reliable, the studies are based on live images exclusively looking for the genital tubercle during a scan. Still images can be less accurate. We do not guarantee the gender with our predictions.

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