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gender swaying boy girlDr Shettles claimed that Y sperm swam faster and died quicker than X sperm which swam slower but lived longer. Therefore timing sex around ovulation would increase your chances of conceiving the desired sex. This has since been disproven, and studies have shown that X and Y sperm in fact both travel at the same speed.

However, many studies indicate that the timing of sex in relation to ovulation is the most reliable method of sex selection. It has been suggested that the reason the timing of intercourse influences the sex of the baby is due to the difference between Y and X sperm capacitation. Y sperm capacitate faster than X sperm and therefore are able to fertilise the egg first, whereas X sperm capacitate later and are able to fertilise the egg later.

Therefore having sex during ovulation increases your chances of having a boy. Whereas having sex during the days leading up to ovulation increases your chances of having a girl as the Y sperm have already died before the egg has been released.

What our experts say;

Timing sex around ovulation is without a doubt the most successful method to conceive your desired gender. However, how do you know when you are ovulating? You cannot simply guess when you will be ovulating when you are swaying. You will have to track your cycles closely for at least three months to get a gage of your menstrual cycles and pinpoint the exact time of ovulation. We recommend using LH strips, BBT thermometers and keeping a diary of your cervical mucus. Click this link to follow our sway plan, and for more information on tracking.

Although this method is scientifically viable, there is also a flaw. This is because timing by itself does not influence the sex of the baby as accurately as when the correct timing and frequency are used.

What you WILL NEED to make timing successful;

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