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Trying To Conceive

trying for a babyYou’ve made that life-changing decision, you’re going to extend your family, you’re ready to go!

The world of trying for a baby can be a complex minefield. Your friends all just seemed to get pregnant maybe even on their first go! But the reality is it can take a healthy, fertile couple between 6 and 12 months of trying before they see that magical positive test- and this is both average and completely normal!

Furthermore, if 6-12 months is average, that means some healthy and fertile couples took even longer- as many as it happened to quickly.

However; there are lots of things you can do to help speed up the trying to conceive process. Here we will explain the simplest ways of not only making your body baby ready, but helping you understand the process, too.


First and foremost, an understanding of your reproductive cycle is one of the most significant parts of trying for a baby. We all learnt how to lessen the chances of getting pregnant in those cringeable Health and Sex Education lessons at school, but where is the Reproduction Education?