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Weeks 8-12

pregnancy adviceThough the sex is already genetically determined; the embryo is currently sexless until a gene triggers sex production after the 8th week, meaning genitalia begins to form.


The embryo is now the size of a raspberry and develops into a foetus after 10 weeks. During this month the tail disappears and those tiny little fingers and toes are growing longer. the umbilical cord is formed and begins carrying nutrients and oxygen to the foetus and takes waste away.

During weeks 11 to 12 your developing baby’s fingers and toes are fully formed and lose their web. External sex organs appear; at this stage, the growth is called the genital tubercle, also known as the nub. At your dating scan, depending on baby’s angle, your exact gestation and how lucky you are at getting a good nub shot, we would now be able to look at your scan pictures and tell you accurately what your baby’s sex is!



The foetus begins making spontaneous movements which you should also be able to see at your dating scan.

Unfortunately for those who have been suffering from nausea and sickness, this may continue for a little while longer yet. Make sure you rest as much as possible and see a doctor for some extra help if you are struggling. Your nipples may become darker and larger and your breasts may continue to grow.